Collecting of debt receivable

As practice shows, the majority of business entities face problems of collecting receivables.

Qualified professionals will provide you with comprehensive legal support at all stages of debt collection:

• advising on the collection of accounts receivable;

• assessment of the prospects and potential litigation risks;

• search for the most appropriate form of collecting of existing debt;

• preparation of claims, applications for writ proceedings, claims, applications, complaints and other legal documents;

• accompaniment of enforcement proceedings in the enforcement of court decisions.

In addition, you can trust the tracking of procedural deadlines of responses to the claims of the counterparty, filing petitions, applications for writ proceedings, the timing of execution of court decisions.


Services are provided by private enterprise "Legal Bureau of Oleg Panin," legal assistance is provided by lawyers Panin O.I., Meleshko V.V., Litvinyuk A.A.