Consultations on legal issues

In the process of carrying out economic activities various issues of a legal nature can appear, which are impossible to be solved independently. In this case, it is necessary to seek the assistance of qualified professionals.

The jurists of our company and the lawyers consult on various branches of law, including civil, commercial, financial, labor and tax.

You can get qualified advice in the following areas:

Currency legislation - advising on any issues of currency regulation and currency control, currency transactions, opening accounts in the Republic of Belarus. Within the framework of the provision of legal services in the field of currency legislation, our experts assist in the preparation of documents and the conduct of the process of obtaining the permission of the National Bank to conduct foreign exchange operations related to capital movement.

Foreign economic activity - consulting on foreign economic activity, legal analysis and preparation of foreign trade agreements, contracts.

Investments - legal support of investment projects, advising on legal and tax risks of investment activity in the Republic of Belarus.

Intellectual property - advising on the legal protection of trademarks, trade names, copyright and related rights, unfair competition and advertising law. In addition, the experts of the legal bureau and lawyers provide support in the registration of trademarks and service marks.

Tax law - advising on choosing the most optimal system of taxation of a business entity, preparing opinions on the legal regulation of tax deductions, tax incentives, conducting tax analysis and advice for compliance with the tax laws of the Republic of Belarus.

Labor Law - advising on the conclusion and termination of employment contracts, preparation of job descriptions, work rules, collective agreements, advising on the protection of trade secrets and confidential information in the organization, the protection of labor and the state social insurance of employees.

Civil law - advising on a wide range of issues included in the subject of civil regulation: registration and the activities of legal entities, transactions, conclusion, execution and termination of civil contracts (supplies, rent, transportation, etc.) and many others.


Services are provided by private enterprise "Legal Bureau of Oleg Panin," legal assistance is provided by lawyers Panin O.I., Meleshko V.V., Litvinyuk A.A.