Legal audit

Legal audit (Due Diligence) is a comprehensive legal analysis of all the activities of a business entity or its certain areas, specific documents or transactions for compliance with the requirements of current legislation of the Republic of Belarus and the established jurisprudence.

The main purpose of due diligence is a comprehensive study and analysis of the organization's activities in areas selected by the client in order to identify "weak" spots and risk areas in the implementation of activities, the development of ways to eliminate the negative aspects and the design of recommendations to improve the activities of the organizations.

As part of due diligence following services can be provided:

• legal analysis of all the legal composition of the organization or its individual areas of activity;

• analysis of the taxation schemes used for compliance with the current legislation;

•legal examination of deals, contracts, agreements and other documents;

• legal examination of the personnel documentation (HR audit);

• legal evaluation of cases at any stage of the proceedings.


Services are provided by a private enterprise "Legal Bureau of Oleg Panin," legal assistance is provided by lawyers Panin O.I., Meleshko V.V., Litvinyuk A.A.