Preparation and examination of all kinds of legal documents

The activity of each business entity is accompanied by the use of legal instruments. The effectiveness of this activity is largely dependent on how wisely, logically and legally correct, they are composed.

This service includes:

• preparation of all kinds of civil contracts and protocols of disagreements;

• legal examination of your counterparty contract showing all the possible risks;

• advising on the execution of certain conditions of contracts;

• support of the conclusion of civil contracts;

• participation in the pre-contractual disputes;

• preparation of powers of attorney and other legal documents;

• preparation of appeals to the state bodies and other organizations;

• research and evaluation of the choice reasonableness of the form of documents;

• analysis of the content of the document on its compliance with the current legislation;

• preparation of written conclusions on the basis of the studied documents.

Upon request, the results of the study presented for the examination of documents may be amended or a package of new documents be developed .


Services are provided by a private enterprise "Legal Bureau of Oleg Panin," legal assistance is provided by lawyers Panin O.I., Meleshko V.V., Litvinyuk A.A.