User's legal service

In today's dynamic world, the success of the business and business development is largely dependent on the availability of relevant information on the status of the current legislation and of its correct interpretation.

If your organization is periodically faced with complex legal issues, which are difficult for full-time employees to find a fast and qualified answers, then the conclusion on legal service contract may be the solution to this problem.

User’s legal service can include the following:

• written and oral advice on various branches of law (civil, commercial, land, labor, tax, etc.);

• legal examination of contracts (contract review and preparation of protocols of disagreements on the draft agreements proposed for transaction by counterparties);

• development of contracts and local regulatory legal acts (including trade secret provisions, the provisions on remuneration, etc.);

• carrying out of claim work (preparation of statements, claims, reviews, and other court documents);

• carrying out and development of personnel documents (orders, job descriptions, employment contracts);

• participation in the pre-contractual disputes.

All customers who have signed contracts for the legal service receive a weekly email newsletter about the changes of the current legislation affecting issues of doing business.

In addition, experts of the legal bureau and lawyers conduct training workshops on civil, labor, financial and other fields of law for full-time employees of clients who are on the user's service.

Lawyers may additionally provide services in representing clients in international courts and the courts of the Republic of Belarus.


Services are provided by private enterprise "Legal Bureau of Oleg Panin," legal assistance is provided by lawyers Panin O.I., Meleshko V.V., Litvinyuk A.A.